44312334 - new modern bathroom with fancy shower on the wallThese days, it might seem like people disagree on things more than they get along. Yet, when it comes to new home construction or remodeling, bathrooms can serve as a unifying force for good. That’s because we can all agree on the necessity of these rooms, their centrality to the home and the inherent flexibility they provide for custom designs and styling. For example, upscale shower doors can be a great fit for any bathroom under just about any circumstances. They come in many shapes and sizes that can fit homeowners’ design preferences and budgets. That allows builders to step into the role of the home design hero, providing options their customers will love.

Upscale shower doors appear to be high-end, expensive and gorgeous, yet they’re incredibly affordable. They’re also compatible with any home design. If homeowners are looking to design a bathroom and shower space where they can relax in luxury, upscale shower doors make that possibility a reality.

Let’s explore a few of the upscale shower door styles that will help homebuyers achieve their bathroom dreams while enabling builders to make an amazing interior space possible.

Upscale Shower Door Type No. 1: European Frameless

The homebuyer perspective: These doors are an attractive option because they appear to be floating in midair. What’s more, they enable homeowners to create a space that impresses with its elite touches such as heavy 3/8” or ½” tempered glass and carefully crafted finishes for hardware—whether knobs, hinges or even towel bars. This style is also likable because it’s easy to maintain and keep clean. This enables you to have a spa experience every day. It’s hard to say no to that!

The builder perspective: For construction professionals, European frameless makes good sense because customers love it. What’s more, local manufacturers make these doors to customers’ specifications. That ensures the doors arrive on time and on budget while fitting the blueprints for the project. Many builders have had to deal with suppliers that don’t have their act together, not to mention supply chain delays and other challenges. European frameless doors don’t come with that kind of baggage.

Upscale Shower Door Type No. 2: Semi-Frameless

The homebuyer perspective: Some homebuyers want the luxury of the European style with a little more definition and texture around their shower door glass. In those cases, semi-frameless can be a great fit. These doors use lighter glass of either 3/16” or ¼”. They also include tracks with many finishes from which homebuyers can choose. Another important decision point is the type of glass used to frame up the shower enclosure. Some people prefer obscure patterned glass, which provides added privacy and allows the homebuyer to step away from the world into an oasis of their own design. Others prefer clear glass with the accents of tastefully selected hardware that commands the attention of anyone who enters the room.

The builder perspective: To match the needs of your customer with those of existing glass and hardware options, we’ve assembled a helpful series of guide with photos on our website. Semi-frameless comes in many different styles, and builders can navigate those choices with the help of one of our experts. They can also reference the tips we’ve posted online on topics such as jamb design and jamb hinge installation. Avoid the risk of a redo with these insights gleaned over many years of creating semi-frameless and other types of upscale shower doors.

Upscale Shower Door Type No. 3: Sliding Glass

The homebuyer perspective: It’s hard to go wrong with the tried-and-true sliding glass door for a shower. Many people still rely on shower curtains, which can rip, tear, billow out, leak and otherwise create homeowner headaches. A sliding glass door nips these problems in the bud while delivering eye-catching appeal to any bathroom. This type of upscale shower door also comes with a wide variety of selections such as framed or frameless. Additionally, doors can be constructed to the height of a shower or a bathtub, depending on individual homeowners’ needs. Plus, these doors contain crystal clear glass panels that call attention to a shower’s beautiful tile design.

The builder perspective: The availability of many different finishes makes matching a sliding glass shower door to a homebuyers’ bathroom style a seamless process. Choose from finishes such as chrome, brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze. Sliding doors also make a great fit for builds where space is a limiting factor. These doors are an excellent fit for bathrooms with small square footage.

Upscale Shower Door Types: Find What Fits You Best

There’s never been a better time to design a shower to meet the needs of any bathroom. That’s especially true for homebuyers and builders who invest in upscale shower doors. With the array of beautiful, simple-to-install options, it’s hard to go wrong and easy to go right. Guests will take one look at an upscale shower door and wonder why they haven’t opted for luxury yet. Our team at Vision Mirror & Shower Door makes the journey to purchasing and installing glass shower doors in Salt Lake City fun and memorable. This is an investment that pays off, day after day, for the satisfied homeowner. To get started with that next bathroom project, call us at 801-565-8151 or visit our website. We look forward to helping you make luxury an everyday occurrence!

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