Utah Glass and Hardware Choices

Finishing touches make all the difference.

Once you have chosen your project design, it’s time for even more exciting decisions—selecting new hardware and glass colors. Choose from a variety of glass colors and textures, and then pick your favorite metal finish. We’ll take care of the rest!
Can’t decide? Consult with one of our experts—we’re happy to help!

Glass Colors

Glass comes in different styles, textures and colors, and can really make a statement. To help you make a color selection, here are some descriptions and suggestions. If you have questions, feel free to contact us directly about appropriate options for your unique project.

  • Love color? Want to match your glass to your other décor? A paint-back coating can be applied to glass in any thickness, on flat or patterned surfaces, and to annealed or tempered glass. Low-ironed glass is our most popular glass type for custom-color matches because it provides truer hues.
  • Clear glass is a more cost-effective choice for paint-back coating, but keep in mind that custom colors are limited.
  • Wild about metallics? We can provide various effects, including Pearling and Rainbow Sparkles.

Visit uscolorglass.com USColorGlass.com for more information and to picture the possibilities!

Hinges and hardwareHardware really is the “jewelry” in any bathroom or kitchen. It can add shine and interest while pulling the look of your project together: Knobs, hooks, handles hinges, towel bars, clips—they’re the icing on the cake! Vision Mirror & Shower Door partners with the best hardware vendors in the nation to bring you the highest-quality metal products at prices that fit your budget.

Click these links to see samples of hinges and handles or click here to see even more.

Because Quality Matters

At Vision Mirror & Shower Door, we haven’t forgotten how important quality is. In fact, quality is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that materials and workmanship should add value to your property and stand the test of time—so we’re not satisfied with anything less than absolute excellence.