Why choose ultra-clear glass?

contrast shower with water streamConsidering a bathroom upgrade? There are near-endless ways you can customize this personal area of your home – but one of the most value-boosting and popular upgrades to make is switching to ultra-clear glass.

You’re likely wondering: What sets ultra-clear glass apart from other types? The main consideration is the timeless aspect of this specific style of glass, holding true and relevant no matter what bathroom you choose for your Utah property. However, you can enjoy plenty of other benefits from choosing ultra-clear glass. Let’s explore some of the top ways you can boost your home’s value with this simple swap out, courtesy of the pros at Vision Mirror and Shower in Utah.

What is ultra-clear glass?

Ultra-clear glass offers a crystal-like viewing experience and is known as low-iron glass interchangeably. It is created to capture light differently, offering less color-based refraction and giving you nothing but a crystal-clear addition to your bathroom’s design scheme. It’s classic, clean and impeccably pure, helping establish a “clear” canvas for the rest of the design elements you plan to feature in your bathroom.

Why switch to ultra-clear glass?

Ultra-clear glass offers plenty of benefits that traditional or other types don’t. Here are just a few of the top benefits you can expect when you make the swap:

1. It’s tougher than comparison glass types

While ultra-clear has less iron in its overall composition, it is considered stronger than competing glass types. This is largely due to the creation process, as it is tempered, laminated, coated, and curved. Many glass processors also choose to insulate the glass, working it similarly to clear float glass. This series of steps and the differences in chemical composition gives you a stronger overall type of glass, which is great for regular and routine bathroom use. This type of glass is also a choice to consider if you have children who may be slamming or grabbing at the shower door.

2. It’s more consistent in color

If you’re someone who’s going after that minimalist, pure-white bathroom aesthetic, a greenish or purple glass capture can ruin the look you’re going for. Ultra-clear glass offers more color consistency due to the differences in manufacturing and production steps from traditional bathroom glass, and gives off a higher high light transmission than other glass. It gives you a clearer, purer look than you’d find with other glass types.

3. It’s more valuable than other glass types

Given its unique tensile strength differences and purity in appearance, the ultra-clear glass type comes at a higher valuation than other comparable types of glass. If you choose to invest in this type of glass for your bathroom setup, you can expect a value bump to your home of at least a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the other additions and improvements you choose to make.

Popular glass types for bathrooms

Looking for alternatives or supplementary glass types to use other than ultra-clear glass? We’ve got you covered. There are plenty of different ways you can update your shower or glass selection to reflect your unique style, all while contributing to the overall value of your home.

1. Frosted glass

Frosted glass is great for areas where you might want more privacy, such as clear privacy shields or shower doors. This type of glass works brilliantly, capturing and bouncing back natural lighting from nearby windows and sources. This means your bathroom can be illuminated with little to no effort, amplifying the “vibe” and appeal of your space with a simple, single swap. Plus, you won’t be caught too off-guard in between cleaning days, as this type of glass is great at hiding hard water spots and residue from dampness. Other benefits of this glass include fingerprint- and dirt resistance, and an impeccably easy cleaning routine over other alternatives (such as textured or regular bathroom glass).

2. Tinted glass

Tinted glass is quite the design statement, coming in an assortment of colors and types. You see this more with bathroom windows if you’re looking for UV or light blockage – but colored glass may also be used for glass bathroom objects, such as shower doors and barrier walls. There aren’t many benefits to tinted glass that differ from traditional glass types unless you get it tempered or treated with a specialty coating layer, so you might consider this if you’re looking for a colored or aesthetic-specific vision for your space.

3. Rain glass

Looking for privacy, a spa-friendly aesthetic, and smudge resistance? Rain glass may be the right choice for you. This special glass gives you the opacity you need for privacy in the bathroom with some fantastic and tranquil visual elements. The only consideration with this type of glass is the upkeep required to keep your glass spic-and-span, as hard water and residue can lodge themselves in the etches.

Glass installation and support in SLC

Looking for custom-made shower doors in Salt Lake City? Connect with the team at Vision Mirror and Shower Door. Our experts are here to offer you a tailored solution that suits the design influence of your bathroom, giving you the durability and quality of installation you need to feel confident and safe in your living space. For more information and to get started today, please visit our website.

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