45168113 - bathtub and shower in new luxury homeBuilders in Salt Lake City should know that trends tend to change with the times. What someone wants in one part of their home one year could drastically veer from what’s expected the next.

From everything we’ve seen, it feels like transparency and open structure are the ways and that’s especially true when it comes to bathroom shower doors. The days of the cloth curtain are waning, if present at all. It’s glass shower doors that have become the standard.

Just to make sure we had this feeling correctly, we went ahead and looked up a couple of independent builder or DIY home renovator sites to see what they said about glass shower doors. As it happens, there are plenty of trends that give the bathroom an overall lavish feel that complements a contemporary home well.

Here are seven examples of glass shower trends that we’ve read about in the last few months, either from the Citylocal101 or the My Decorative home design news websites.

Semi-frameless doors
Although many glass doors are designed without visible frames, as you’ll see later on this list, there are semi-frameless doors for those who want a frame at top and bottom, but not in the center entryway. For those who want some line definition, this could be a great way to go for your homeowner clients.

Frosted shower doors

If it’s more security and privacy that you seek – without putting up one of those curtains – this is a great option. Frosted glass is also still easy to care for, and they have the advantage of keeping temperatures either cooler or warmer depending on your needs for which month of use.

Partial enclosures

This is a truly stylish move, unusual and open-ended in its customization, but it’s likely homeowners will need to be reassured that its design doesn’t mean there will be a ton of spillage on the floor. By blocking the main showerhead portion, you still keep the bathroom floor dry.

Mixed metals shower doors
Putting in metal accents — such as squares outlined in black or gold — can be a great way to keep the glass but also bring some geometric patterns into the bathroom’s design. It can bring a sense of timeless elegance to your home.

Corner showers
This is a great option as a bathroom is being renovated, and especially if the homeowner is seeking a bit more space for that part of the home (or has limited space to begin with). Corner, glass-enclosed showers with sliding glass doors ensure a great outflow of water as well.

Frameless shower doors
And so of course, frameless is still among the top trends. While there are always edge materials to make sure they are sturdy, the sleek modern style works as well for open showers as it does for tub enclosures. And, it’s ideal if you want to let the light into your bathroom space.

Fully-framed shower doors
You can still have an adventurous look and feel for the bathroom if you go for a glass door with frames. It’s really a classically popular style and option, and one that still brings that touch of sophistication to the home bathroom. Not to mention that installation is quite easy, with the right planning.

Some confirmation from the experts
The popular HGTV website also confirms some of these shower trends as part of its one DIY section. “One of the hot trends in modern baths is to eliminate the tub, using only the shower to accommodate a less leisurely lifestyle,” this article states.

It also confirms some of the trends we read about and listed above, including allowing an abundance of natural light with the glass material. It also points out that having a wet space large enough to contain the water will always be a good technique when contemplating shower doors. This would answer any homeowner’s concerns about wet flooring or water damage potential.

How we can help
When it’s time to suggest or install shower doors for your homeowner clients in Salt Lake City, we can be part of the planning. Professional contractors or DIY’ers often look to the expertise of our design experts and installation gurus. It’s something we’ve been doing in Utah for more than 20 years. Plus, we’re always willing to venture out to your project and give a personal consultation on what will work and what may be a challenge.

Visit our website not only to contact us directly but also to find out everything you need to know about glass shower doors in Salt Lake City, from types of glass and differences in design to quick tips you can use when installing.

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