99358265_MCan you believe the first quarter is already mid-way? They say time flies, but wow, do these years have wings! And as time flies and things change, we keep a keen eye on what is going on in our marketplace. Here at Vision Mirror & Shower Door, we have our finger on the pulse of what’s new and trending in bathroom styling and glass and shower door design and technology. As a local, Utah-based company, our friends and neighbors from Salt Lake County to Utah County should expect nothing but the best, most up-to-date information from us. So, what can we expect in bathroom trends and design in 2022? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Murals and Paintings, Oh My!

People pay far too little attention to their bathrooms. And yet, these oft-neglected rooms are so important. They may not be as glamorous as your master bedroom, but they deserve a little design love. In 2022, the bathroom is trending more natural and artistic. From murals to succulents and small ferns, modern homeowners want their bathroom to be more than just a plain, white room. And why not? Beautiful European frameless glass shower doors belong in a lovely bathroom.

Consider the amount of time people have spent at home during the pandemic. With people spending so much more time at home, they want to be comfortable in every room. Using art or plants to accentuate the space in your bathroom is on trend with the rest of your house. With all the time being spent at home, plants and art have taken up more space than ever before. Family pictures arranged in creative ways have also made a comeback. Suddenly, everyone is getting big prints of that great vacation they just went on. Why not make a small vacation print for your bathroom? Maybe that trip to Cabo?

Homeowners have been using art and greenery in the house since before we built houses. We were drawing in caves and taming plants since before we had language. Plants and artistic flourishes not only provide a focal point to punctuate a space, but they also improve your mindset. And plants help improve a home’s air quality.

Many homeowners have large, elaborate, and immaculate bathrooms. Whether you’re a homeowner in Salt Lake City or Lehi, you could be relaxing under the pulse of seven showerheads in a euro frameless shower. Perhaps you have even built your bathroom around your shower. Don’t hesitate to use artistic flourish or a lovely plant or two to compliment your beautiful European frameless and the bathroom built around it.

Welcome to the Spa-Like Shower Experience

If there’s one thing that is prominent in the glass shower door market in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, it’s the rise of the luxurious bathroom. Home values have been going up and homeowners have been upgrading their bathrooms. Specialty features that create a luxurious spa-like experience in the bathroom can be seen in bathrooms throughout the Salt Lake Valley. Remember when bidets were nothing more than a word most people didn’t pronounce right? Now, finding a bidet in someone’s toilet is not entirely uncommon.

Expect to see luxury features for the bathroom to expand into new areas. Luxury finishes like shower doors with thicker class, extremely minimal framing and modern and stylish hardware will dominate the market. New homes are also seeing low-maintenance granite or quartz solid in bathroom design plans. Both surfaces make for great bathroom countertops. Add in an undermount sink and you’re perfectly on-trend for 2022′s bathroom.

Are you dreaming of a luxury bathroom experience with amenities on par with your favorite spa? Then you’ve come to the right place. From steam showers to freestanding soaking tubs, and more, we know exactly what the Joneses have going on in their bathroom. More than anything, a luxurious bathroom should have elegant symmetry. Consider a symmetrical arrangement to play up the innate architecture of your bathroom.

European Frameless Shower Doors Can’t Steal the Show

Don’t let the beauty and elegance of your euro frameless shower doors steal the show in your bathroom. Consider innovative design attributes that make your bathroom stand out, such as a mixing of textures. Combining colors, textures, and materials is perfectly on-trend for 2022. The days of minimalistic and monolithic bathrooms and shower doors are long gone.

Common design trends for bathrooms in 2022 include sandwich mirrors, texture wall coverings, and movement within the space. Another trend of yesteryear is plain, solid colors on walls. Bathroom spaces look far more unique in 2022.

One trend that never seems to go out of style is marble. And we understand why. Marble will always hold an air of luxury. A subtle statement can be made with marble done well. Marble provides a feeling of opulence. Is your bathroom ready?

In the end, your bathroom is about more than your shower doors. That’s why we are here to help you contemplate the top bathroom design trends in 2022. Want to learn more about how your shower doors can help make your bathroom pop? Contact us today!

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