45168113 - bathtub and shower in new luxury homeIt’s an exciting endeavor for a homeowner to take the leap into updating their bathrooms. From replacing outdated lighting and mirrors to finally getting the upscale shower doors that you’ve always wanted, the opportunities for a full-fledged bathroom upgrade are just about endless.

But when you want to reinvigorate your bathroom with elevated fixtures and glass, where do you start? We’ve got good news: Your hunt for the best provider of elegant and sophisticated mirrors and shower doors in Salt Lake City is over. Here’s your roadmap to creating a space you’ll never want to leave — even if it’s the bathroom.

Upgrade your glass for a sophisticated shower.

What makes a shower look both timeless and luxuriously modern all at the same time? Ultra-clear glass, of course. As its name describes, this shower glass type minimizes color refraction, contributing to the clean, bright look and feel of an elegant bathroom. Or, if you want to achieve that spa-like aesthetic that combines the look of luxury with bathroom privacy? Let’s talk about rain glass — this is the best option for your bathroom if you want to add the allure of texture to your shower glass, which at the same time maintains opacity for privacy.

Frameless showers are a simple but profound touch.

Have you ever been in a bathroom that feels like an elegant and modern dream, but can’t quite place your finger on why? It may be as simple as removing the frame from the shower — taking out the frame draws the eye to the clean, sharp lines of the shower glass, an understated but unbeatable hint of sophistication. The installation of frameless or semi-frameless shower doors may seem daunting, but we can customize the glass to the exact specifications of your shower — and the rest is easy.

Centerpiece mirrors that elevate the space.

Mirrors are everything when you want your bathroom upgrade to make a statement. It’s important to take the overall design plan for your new bathroom into consideration when choosing the shape, size, and placement of your mirror. A general rule of thumb says that bathroom irrors should extend the length of your countertop or vanity, but stretching your mirror to the ceiling can not only provide the illusion of a bigger, brighter, more airy bathroom but also bring more functionality to your everyday use.

Luxe accents will change everything.

After you’ve picked out your gorgeous upscale shower doors, the beauty is in the details when it comes to a contemporary, luxury bathroom remodel. You can coordinate all of the accents in your bathroom — vanity hardware, backsplash, tile and more — to be timeless and chic, like white marble and gold, or go for a bold and contemporary approach, like black matte and satin brass. Every finish and texture makes a difference in making your vision a reality — but if you need help with this chapter of your remodel, our Utah-based bathroom design experts are happy to guide you.

Don’t forget the stylish and sleek lighting.

Last but not least, give the outdated lighting a refresh for your reinvigorated bathroom to truly shine. Look for lighting fixtures that contribute to your new modern bathroom both in form and function — fixtures that are dimmable, smart home assistant integrated, or finished in an eye-catching black or gold.

Ready to get started?

Updating your bathroom is an exciting opportunity with the right guidance, but there are lots of questions to be expected. We have answers here at Vision Mirror and Shower Door — we are passionate about implementing the best upgrades to all bathroom showers and mirrors in Salt Lake City. Drop us a line to get started!

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