Glass shower doors – Information for builders/contractors in Utah

Information for builders/contractors in Utah

00000Are you a builder or contractor in Utah looking for information on glass shower doors? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got all the information you should know and provide to your customers before starting the project.

We know your focus is on providing quality work and customer service, meeting and even exceeding expectations. Remember these tips when selling, installing and maintaining glass shower doors to provide your customers with a top notch experience, building rapport with repeat customers who will be satisfied enough to then refer you to friends and family.

Selling Glass Shower Doors

Finding the right supplier for your projects is very important. Sometimes clients will have their own materials upon hiring a contractor. But more often than not, they’ll expect you to provide them with options. This is where it’s so important to find the right glass door distributor.

Another thing to consider with bathroom renovations is doors other than the shower or areas in the space for glass partitions. Does your manufacturer/distributor provide other items for the bathroom that will match? Some more materials to consider might be:

  • Glass panels
  • Toilet doors
  • Toilet partitions

A bathroom should be a place of functionality, as well as a place of relaxation and comfort. Homeowners often love a spa-like feeling in their bathroom. Having unified and matching glass doors and partitions can make a big difference in the overall look of the finished bathroom.

Glass shower doors offer elegance and luxury. The right kind of glass in a space can change the whole feel of a room. Frosted glass, rain glass and colored glass shower doors each have their own style, so customers are not limited here. And matching glass partitions or toilet doors can provide an expensive look for less cost to your customer.

Installing Glass Shower Doors

As a contractor or builder, we are certain you know the ins and outs of installation. However, since glass doors are our thing, we want to highlight the importance of ensuring an adequate installation. Installing a glass shower door is a delicate process. If done wrong, there can be dire consequences for a homeowner like leaks, flooding and mold or mildew problems. And no one wants that.

It’s important to know what kind of coverage your supplier offers with their products, like protection plans or warranties. Is there coverage for any cracks or broken glass upon delivery? Or will you be picking up and transporting the shower door yourself? Either way, it’s a great idea to check any sort of coverage (if any) before going into business with a seller.

It’s also a good idea to ensure you have all additional materials for the specific product your clients have selected. The supplier you and your client have chosen should be competent enough to make sure that your glass shower doors come along with all of the proper hardware necessary for installation.

Glass Shower Door Maintenance

It will mostly be up to the homeowner or occupant to maintain the shower doors that have been installed. However, if there are complications related to installation or product itself, you may be involved in follow-up maintenance for the client.

As with installation, it’s important to understand what kind of warranty coverage your supplier/distributor offers. If something were to go awry in the future, then you will already know if you can call the manufacturer or distributor.

It might also be a good idea to have a brief consultation with your clients about maintenance and upkeep. This can help your customers to feel at ease and create trust between contractor/builder and consumer.

Another great idea is to put a reminder in your business’s calendar to follow up with your satisfied customers. This should be done within weeks of installation, then again within six to twelve months. You can even take things long-term and reach out again in a few years when caulking (or any other minor issues) may need a touch up. Now, that is customer service!

In Conclusion

Hopefully the information provided here has helped you prepare for including glass shower door options for your customers in Salt Lake City. It’s ideal to have a way to present sellers and their inventory to clients. We can help you to provide these options for your customers who are in the market for glass doors and partitions. And our pros will help to make sure that both you and your clients feel at ease with the selection you’ve made.