Interior of stylish bathroom with shower unitConstructing a home in Utah is no easy task. Consider market conditions: In recent years, average home prices have soared double digits to an average of $450,000 each. As a builder, you recognize the substantial investment homeowners make in these properties—and that your business makes to ensure these buildings are beautiful, livable and approachable. Installing Utah shower doors is no exception.

Although every homeowner’s bathroom preferences will vary, a few tips can help you ensure you are building in such a way that will be appreciated long after you’ve left the job site.

Tip 1: Make a plan before you start the job

This probably goes without saying, but you’d be surprised how many people change their minds in hindsight. By helping homeowners understand how a bathroom will look and what its amenities will be, you can save yourself grief and rework down the road. Plus, you can earn the trust of excited homeowners who can already see the vision of what their new bathroom will become.

Often, it helps to share photos along with a voiceover. Sitting down across a table from one another – or better yet, sitting alongside the homeowners to illustrate that you’re in this together – can provide a picture of what the final build will look like.

For example, when it comes to Utah shower doors, you might start by illustrating some of the most popular options on the market today.

When talking about European frameless shower doors, you could point out:

  • This option is modern-looking, clean and attractive
  • It’s easy to clean thanks to the fact there’s no frame
  • It can be custom-crafted to fit the homeowner’s unique bathroom specifications

When walking through semi-frameless shower doors and their features, you might say:

  • These doors feature lighter glass than other models
  • Tracks are available in a variety of popular hardware finishes
  • It’s possible to get doors that are either see-through or obscured using patterned glass

When sharing details of sliding glass shower doors, it’s helpful to highlight:

  • Sliding doors make a great upgrade for wear-prone shower curtains
  • Dimensions can vary based on your needs and can be made to tub or shower height
  • Finishes and hardware come in many varieties such as chrome, oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel

Use these suggestions or develop your own approach to helping homeowners feel good about the Utah shower doors they’re selecting for the home of their dreams.

Tip #2: Use materials you can trust

Never settle for less when it comes to constructing a home. Ask your suppliers to provide insights about the materials you’ll be using in the bathroom and elsewhere in the home. It’s also a good idea to ask the homeowner if they have any preferences—do’s or don’ts about the building you’re constructing. Homeowners typically aren’t materials experts, but many do care about materials manufacturing, sustainability and installation. You might be surprised at the opportunities you’ll have to reassure your customers you use only the best.

Tip #3: Partner with suppliers that can get you what you want

It’s always a good idea to source supplies for your next homebuilding project from vendors you can trust. Do your homework and get several detailed bids to understand the costs, timeframe and attention to detail each supplier will provide to you.

If you’d like more information about a particular supplier of Utah shower doors, ask for a reference or two. Getting insight straight from a past customer can be a great way to evaluate whether a vendor will be a good fit for the home you’re building.

Tip #4: Proactively communicate about your timeline

Few people enjoy surprises—especially when they mean it will take extra time to get into one’s brand new home. That’s why regular and proactive communication with homeowners about how the project is going will pay dividends. If you can provide incremental updates, photos or progress reports from the job site, especially once the bathroom is complete and those Utah shower doors are installed, all the better.

Remember, this isn’t your average bathroom. It’s a place where the homeowner and their family will spend time daily. Your attention to making the building experience special will strengthen your relationship with them and increase chances of a great recommendation down the road for future home-building business.

Tip #5: Give the homeowner the royal tour upon completion

Nothing rounds out the homebuilding experience like a tour of the finished product. On your home tour upon construction completion, be sure to give the bathroom a key role and point out the great decision the homeowner made in selecting their shower doors.

Invite the children (and adults!) to try out the new doors, opening and closing or sliding them into place. Point out how the features they envisioned are now installed in reality—demonstrating that you’re good at keeping promises and focused on getting things right the first time. Work with your supplier to get information on basic maintenance and care for shower doors so you can convey those learnings to the homeowner. Again, focus on building the relationship and providing practical knowledge that homeowners can use time after time to continue enjoying their Utah shower doors for years to come.

If you are seeking a trusted vendor of shower doors in Salt Lake City for your next homebuilding project, get in touch with the experts at Vision Mirror & Shower Door. We’d love to explore how we can help make your next bathroom installation a success. Contact us today at 801-565-8151 or visit our website to learn more.

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