16621414 - bathroomIt would be easy for builders to discount the lowly shower door as an afterthought in their next homebuilding project. We get it: They typically stay tucked away in a bathroom, do their job without seeking any credit and generally open and close without a whole lot of noise. Yet, ultra-clear glass shower doors in particular can win you serious points as a builder and transform your next project. Allow us to explain what we mean.

Reason 1: Ultra-clear glass shower doors are on trend

Type “ultra-clear glass shower doors” into Google and you’ll get roughly 19 million results. A quick scan reveals a couple of interesting facts for builders. First, ultra-clear glass shower doors are those for which the green tint has been removed. Typically, shower doors look a little emerald when they catch the light at the right angle. Not so with the ultra-clear variety. Known as Ultra Clear Starphire, or low iron glass, it’s available in a quarter-inch, three-eighths of an inch or half-inch thickness.

Further, ultra-clear glass goes nicely with other trends such as European frameless. This can turn your homebuyers’ shower experience into an oasis with glass that seemingly floats on air, creating a spa-like vibe. That’s especially true with the addition of Diamon-Fusion Protective Coating, which can take a lot of the hard work of shower maintenance off of your customers’ hands. Diamon-Fusion creates a water-repellent barrier on the surface of the glass that cuts cleaning time up to 90%, guards against stains from hard water and soap, and generally keeps the bglass looking great.

Reason 2: Ultra-clear glass shower doors play nicely with other bathroom features

As a homebuilder, you serve as an artist on behalf of your customers. Each room and its component parts must be designed to play off of one another for an experience that delights the people who will eventually live there. That’s certainly true for bathrooms, which are highly trafficked, seen by guests and admired—when done properly—by the homeowners who will see them again and again.

That makes ultra-clear glass shower doors a particularly smart choice. There’s a case to be made for frosted shower doors (we’ll save that for another blog). But when you want to wow someone with the full bathroom experience, ultra-clear glass shower doors are the way to go. These doors don’t call any attention to themselves. Instead, they effortlessly bring a smile to homeowners’ faces in the way they bring bathrooms to life. They reveal, from floor to ceiling, the attention to detail that’s been given to the texture of the walls and shower space, the accents of color and the showerhead and accompanying fixtures. As a builder, you can be proud of the lasting impression ultra-clear glass shower doors will leave.

Reason 3: Ultra-clear glass shower doors are ready for their moment in the spotlight

If your customers notice and appreciate the special qualities of ultra-clear glass—and we’re sure they will—consider treating them to the look of semi-frameless shower doors. These doors provide a subtle and elegant outline of color to this stunning glass without overwhelming the aesthetic of the room.

For example, as a builder, you might select a thin outline of black to make a shower stand out against a marbled gray backdrop. Or you might choose stunning silver semi-frameless doors to pair with the sandy brown tiles behind them. You can find numerous examples of these doors in the Semi Frameless Gallery of photos we’ve assembled on our website.

Alternately, you might have a customer who welcomes an extra pop of color alongside ultra-clear glass. In that case, explore the benefits of fully framed gridded shower doors. This style frames up squares of glass across the body of the shower door, allowing builders to underscore the beautiful and bold glass your customers have chosen for their bathroom. It’s OK. Brag a little.

Reason 4: Ultra-clear glass shower doors make bathroom visits more luxurious

There’s no consensus on how much time the average person spends in the bathroom. Estimates range from 20 to 30 minutes daily or less, up to a year or more of our lives. Even if your customers end up being on the low end of that spectrum, the fact remains that ultra-clear glass shower doors will be a showstopper whenever they or their guests drop by.

As a builder, you know first impressions are everything. The average bathroom is nothing to write home about, and the worst bathrooms scar our memories. You’re not looking for either of those experiences. Your customers want to spend time in their homes feeling great about the decisions they’ve made in each room. Ultra-clear glass shower doors create an atmosphere of luxury and fine living. They will become the talk of dinner parties and long weekends hosting visitors from out of town. Their popularity will spread by word of mouth, so much so that you’ll likely find yourself installing ultra-clear glass shower doors on your next building project.

These are just four of the reasons we’re confident ultra-clear glass shower doors are right for you as a builder and perfect for the homeowners you serve. If you’re looking for ultra-clear glass shower doors in Salt Lake City, trust the experts at Vision Mirror & Shower Doors. We look forward to helping you design bathrooms your homeowners won’t soon forget. Call us at 801-565-8151 to get started today.

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