Upgrading your shower doors? Read this first.

Upgrading your shower doors

11Utah shower doors often use glass for their construction. These doors offer various features to the shower rooms and are therefore in high demand. This article showcases the different features of these doors in bathrooms.

Utility is something that everyone can expect from luxury shower doors. The steam baths and saunas use glass material so that the efficiency of the baths are fully utilized. Another viable purpose for using glass is its inefficiency to conduct heat. While wood also provides similar scientific qualities, the option is less feasible due to the accelerated likelihood of degradation as a result of high temperature conditions.

What other user-friendly options are available with shower doors?

Glass is used with shower cabins to provide ease of use. The doors can be operated by the push of a button. The electrical operation of the shower doors, however, must be installed very carefully. The obvious constant contact with water raises technical and electrical concerns that could potentially lead to grounding accidents and others. This should be avoided by using an experienced and competent electrician.

Shower door Maintenance?

While Utah glass shower doors are professionally installed, they must be maintained at a equally professional level to guarantee quality. Pro tip: Keep heavy objects away from your shower glass doors. This can lead to breakage due to improper handling of these objects. Also ensure that you clean the glass on a regulated schedule and regular basis — water and steam will not degrade the glass like they would metal and wooden doors, but the surface still requires surface maintenance.

Things to note before buying if you are planning to install a glass shower door in your bathroom. The type of glass shower doors, the bathroom enclosures, the shower space, distance between the shower area and other fixtures, ease of cleaning, and budget; can all affect your decision.

There are two main shower types —alcove and corner showers. Alcove showers are built into the wall itself. They come with a tub as well but with added time for labor and installation. The corner showers are standalone as they use a corner (obviously) making them suitable for small bathrooms. Also, if you have a separate bathtub, you can consider a corner shower.

Know the installation types

After deciding the shower area, next is deciding on the installation types of your shower doors. There are multiple types including sliding, round, neo-angle, and pivotal. Sliding doors are the traditional option which are frequently seen in many homes and hotels. The sliding doors that glide past one another save a lot of space and are convenient. Round shower doors are ideal for corner showers with rounded bases. Neo-angle doors are fitted to corner installations with a three-sided base. They can swing left or right for any single door or stand-alone shower door. The pivotal option is a one-panel door that swings outside from one side. This is appropriate for large bathrooms where there is more space.

Measure the shower door

You should be aware of the measurement of the door before buying one for your bathroom. It should not be too big that it won’t close or be too small making it less than efficient at sealing the excess water. You need to measure the three different points including the base, the midpoint, and the top of the wall.

Decide on a framed or frame-less shower door

Framed and frame-less shower doors are both popular for their own reasons. Framed shower doors need less expensive glass as they provide support. The frame traps water and ensures easier cleaning. There are different types of frames available, so choose the one that will suit the interiors of your bathroom. A frame-less shower door requires expensive glass which will be sturdy as there is no frame to protect it. It exhibits a minimalistic appeal and is suitable for a modern bathroom. Be forewarned that cleaning this glass can be a little challenging as soap scum accumulates easily.

Know the type of glass you want

Do you know which type of glass will fit the ambiance of your bathroom best? Is it frosted, opaque, textured, or patterned? You should know the type that will suit your purpose, budget and the interior of your bathroom best. All these glass types provide privacy and add a style statement to the bathroom.

Determining your budget

You should know your budget first and foremost. This will help you in the selection process because glass types, framed or frame-less vary in price. For instance, if you have a low budget, then you can opt for a framed shower door since it requires less expensive glass compared to the frame-less shower door.

Thoroughly consider all the aforementioned lists to guarantee that you get the right glass shower door for you and your bathroom. You will fall in love with the upgraded quality that your new glass shower door gives your entire bathroom area!