Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Many homemakers are choosing to improve their bathrooms with glass shower doors. The high level of functionality and aesthetic appeal of these doors makes it worth the investment. You will be pleased to learn that updated glass shower doors will instantaneously make your bathroom appear like-new.

There are plenty of glass door designs, and you can choose from a range of products. However, the frame-less doors are the trendiest of all the other models. These are available in various designs and takes up less space. Here are the top 5 trends in glass shower doors now that are sure to make a great improvement to your bathroom.

1. Frosted glass – Considered as an old design, the frosted glass has made its appearance in recent times with a big bang. These glasses are available in intricate and simple designs that add elegance to the visuals in your bathroom. This variant of shower glass doors is very good for maintaining privacy as well.

It also serves a similar purpose when you are sharing your space with another person. Frosted glass proves to be such a great option that it remains useful for a prolonged time and provides a classy revision at the same time. The best part of this kind of shower doors is that they provide a unique and impressive design.

Apart from the visual appearances, these shower doors are quite easy to clean, customized according to your desired styles, and keeps your bathroom fresh in all the seasons with their energy-efficient nature.

2. Partial enclosures – This is another type of glass shower door that happens to be increasingly popular among people. If you want to have a walk-in shower place, the partial enclosures are a good option for your ideal type of bathroom. It is a fully functioning glass door that has amazing design components as well.

Partial enclosures are great for your luxurious bathroom because it tends to minimize the water splashes while bathing. If you are thinking to keep your shower space detached with elegance, partial enclosures are the safest bet.

The seamless design of these doors are sleek, holds great value, and you don’t have to think about water splashing while taking a soothing bath. What’s more, these enclosures make you feel that you own a little spa in your bathroom.

3. Corner shower doors – This is another type of shower door in our trending countdown that remains a solid choice for many people. But, what makes them so special? There are certain people who refuse to believe in the concept of dedicating lots of space to shower, even when their bathrooms are quite bigger.

These people prefer the corners in the renovation trends of a new bathroom. Perhaps the reason for this is that water tends to flow out smoothly in that fashion. However, there is a need for bi-fold doors or sliding glass around the corners.

Another heightened feature is that the corner shower doors can be designed using various shapes. You can opt for the door based on your style and design you want to create. Or, you can choose it depending on the existing material and shape. You can even have the option to choose between sliding and swinging doors.

4. Frame-less shower doors – As you may have originally derived from the term itself, these types of shower doors are made up of entire glass without the outlining structure of any frame work. As far as the design is concerned, frame-less doors are the revised form of the conventional framed shower glass doors. Simple enough, right?

The glass of the door would have previously have to have rubber, metal, and other materials along their edges for additional strength. With the new version, these doors look fresh, modern, and clean. The frame-less glass brings in more light to make the space an ambiance of nature.

5. Mixed metals – You can even opt for some brass on the hinges if you need frames on your shower door. It may appear like an attempt at an ’80′s comeback in the journal of bathroom designs, but the accents represent a charm in your bathroom that can accentuate charm and character.

You can achieve this look utilizing the design of your shower doors when you follow a specific trend or a particular design. It holds your bathroom together by upholding an overall theme. Add some creativity to your bathing space by giving yourself a shower glass door mixed with elegant metals.


These glass shower door trends are what is current within the remodeling and architectural industry. Whatever your specific style or choice may be, make sure the one you choose fits into your space in a way that adds to the overall value and your creative process.

If you are looking to update your bathroom space by implementing some of these new glass shower door trends and you are living in the Salt Lake city area, please reach out to us HERE today. We look forward to working with you on your next project!