99358265_MValentine’s Day is just around the corner – and there’s no better gift to give that special someone than a clean, upscale and newly-renovated bathroom! The bathroom is one of the most personal places in your home. With the rise of home decorating apps and the prevalence of social sharing platforms like Pinterest, new design trends are catching on faster than your average fad…and we’re here to show you some of the top ways you can transform your bathroom from its current state to a magazine-worthy statement piece in your home.

Read on to learn more about simple bathroom remodel ideas you can do this Valentine’s Day to give your best friend the gift of a personal oasis away from home!

1. Swap your shower scene with some upscale shower doors!

When was the last time you replaced your shower door? If you can’t answer the question, or your answer is from at least a decade ago, it might be time to look into a replacement. Grime and soap scaling can build up on the door’s surface with each shower, prematurely aging it and cheapening the look of your bathroom space. Simply replacing the shower door with a more aesthetically pleasing option (or changing the theme entirely) can give your living area an instant refreshment, even if the rest of your appliances are from a prior remodel or era.

Looking for the best way to pick your door? It doesn’t all come down to design choice. Consider the following before you purchase your next shower door upgrade:

  • Functionality: Your door may be aesthetically pleasing, but is it comfortable and functional for daily use? Asking yourself this question will help you enjoy a better overall purchase process and allow you to have the assurance that you made the best possible choice for your space.
  • Pricing: Is the shower door within your budget? Upscale shower doors can be somewhat costly, especially if you invest in a higher-quality tempered glass or special design for your space. You’ll want to be sure that this investment is sustainable for your current budget, factoring in delivery costs.
  • Upkeep: Before buying Utah shower doors, consider the upkeep. Most shower doors can be managed with a regular squeegee and cleaning routine. However, more complex doors may require extra steps. You’ll want to be sure you can keep up with the maintenance and care routine before making your final decision.

2. Master your space with a mirror upgrade

Upgrading mirrors in Salt Lake City homes are an easy remodel project that gives you near-endless returns. Mirrors are unique to each specific design space, capturing your aesthetic and theme while giving you something functional in return for your daily use. They are simple to install and give you a free creative license for space personalization and perfection, classing up your bathroom and giving you ample space to prepare yourself for each busy day out.

Looking for design inspiration? Consider some modern-day trending design choices, such as backlit mirrors, unevenly-shaped mirrors or borderless mirrors; giving you full-space coverage in a seamless, slim design between itself and the wall. There’s no wrong way to upgrade!

3. Freshen up with fresh paint

If you’re in the mood for a long-term renovation surprise, you might consider taking the weekend to paint. Grab some primer and a great neutral tone from your local hardware store, or go all-out with a vibrant shade if that’s more your style. Everything seems “in” when it comes to home color and style, so you’ll ultimately want to consider an option that would fit into your design palette.

Many homeowners choose soothing neutrals for bathroom spaces, promoting peace and tranquility as you stop in throughout the day. Some of our favorite picks from the Pantone lookbook include:

  • 11-4201 Cloud Dancer: This soft ecru seems to capture a candlelight-like glow under any lighting choice — and is a fantastic off-white if you want a clean and bright look for your bathroom space that isn’t too sterile or jarring.
  • 18-3908 Deep Taupe: This red-based neutral is a cross between deep crimson and softened taupe, giving your bathroom a comforting, cozy fall feeling all year long.
  • 7527 C Light Sage: Natural, green and refreshingly revitalizing, this shade is sure to wow in your neutral or plant-themed bathroom space. This pairs especially well with clean white trims and other neutral, brown shades.
  • 14-4107 Quiet Gray: This color is just as it appears, giving you a peaceful respite each time you visit your bathroom. This gray pairs well with just about anything, whether your style is willed with bold accents or soft, naturally-inspired elements.

You have questions, we’ve got answers

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