Interior of a modern bathroom2022 is here and with it comes some truly amazing design trends. Here at Vision Mirror and Shower Door, we take pride in outfitting homes all over Utah. From Salt Lake City to Lehi and beyond, we install beautiful European shower doors, frameless shower doors, semi-frameless shower doors and so much more. Yet, in order to provide the latest and greatest designs to our clients, we must stay abreast of current trends.

That’s why we wanted to take a moment in today’s blog post to cover the latest and greatest trends in bathroom design, accessories and so much more. So, sit back, relax, and take a moment to learn about what’s hot and what’s not in bathroom design in 2022. You never know, maybe we’ll end up outfitting YOUR bathroom in a trendy design!

1. Natural Copycats

Organic design ideas are in! Today’s trends eschew stark lines, squares, rectangles, and sharp shapes. Instead, the modern homeowner has become fixated on oval and round shapes, waves, and shapeless lines. From succulent plants to soft desert tones, Mother Nature is on-trend in today’s bathrooms.

Just step into a showroom and you’ll see spheres, circles, and egg-shaped designs. Whether it be in bathroom lighting, wall mirrors, or other bathroom fixtures, people are into natural themes, shapes, and designs. Long gone are the rigid structures and straight angles. Curves inspired by living things represent some of the latest trends in bathroom design.

2. Wood Makes a Comeback

Wood has gone in and out of style for bathrooms over the past several decades. But today, as people bask in the nostalgia of yesteryear, wood has made a big comeback. Today, modern bathroom design specialists like us here in Salt Lake City choose modern tiles that provide a natural wood feel without the need for actual wood. Wood-like tile designs look great on walls and floors. And you can use them to create pleasant visual illusions and designs.

You may also want to consider salvaged wood. Whether it be in reclaimed pieces, driftwood, or even broken-down wood, all of it can be used to make stylish wood panels perfect for decorating modern bathrooms. Woodcuts also look quite expensive without necessarily being expensive.

3. The Bedroom/Bathroom Combo

Here’s another modern trend that may surprise you: the bedroom/bathroom combo design, separated only with a glass partition. Glass wall designs are hot right now. And sliding glass partitions offer space-saving and contemporary designs without being overly expensive. The more open the space, the more eye-catching the design.

4. Novel Showers and Wall-Mounted Vanities

Someone once said there’s nothing new under the sun, yet interior designers haven’t seen to have gotten the message. Why? Because the novel and the new are on-trend for 2022. Shower design in particular represents the vanguard in design. Showers today, quite literally, take center stage, whether it be through glass and LED lights or rock and stone. The shower itself is sometimes fancier than the rest of the bathroom.

Wall-mounted vanities are also big in 2022. A wall-mounted sink vanity offers minimal storage but provides an elegant look. Wall-mounted vanities are the best way to celebrate minimalist style while creating spaciousness and easy-to-clean designs.

5. Industrial Designs

Okay, we said that squares and sharp lines are out-of-style, but that isn’t necessarily true. As seen in loft designs, industrial design ideas are on trend for those who prefer a more minimal look. Metal and concrete in particular can create beautiful contrasts depending on the type of contemporary bathroom fixtures you use.

Natural and eco-friendly stone slabs also offer a lot in the way of stark industrial style while remaining on-trend and beautiful. Natural stones create beautiful bathroom and shower walls. In many cases, they can be designed with built-in lighting, which brings out spectacular patterns and gives your bathroom an expensive feel for a fraction of the price.

6. Wallpaper and Wall Paneling Makes a Comeback

You may think that wallpaper and wall paneling are design ideas from a bygone era, but in fact, contemporary wall paneling can bring out appealing 3D textures and designs. Modern wallpaper can beautifully balance a bathroom design by adding different textures, colors and patterns.

Use glass in creative ways along with wallpaper and wall paneling to create harmonious decorations and bring out the best in your bathroom accessories. Appropriately used glass can turn your walls into a true piece of art.

7. Metal, Glass, and Pebbles, Oh My!

We couldn’t very well talk about nature-inspired design trends in one sentence and industrial bathroom design trends in another without bringing up metal, glass and pebbles. From golden brass to black metal and cobblestones, these materials make for great combinations in the bathroom and amplify the natural beauty of organic designs.

Has all this bathroom design talk got you itching for a bathroom redesign? Well, no matter where you live in Salt Lake and Utah County, give Vision Mirror and Shower Door a call and we’ll design for you a modern bathroom you can be proud of! (801) 565-8151

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