Exclusive modern bathroomIf you are searching to add class and style to your home, there’s no better way to make a statement than with a stunning shower door. Yet with so many options on the market, how can you begin to make sense of it all and select the door that best fits your taste and budget? Here’s a look at some of the trends that have caught other homeowners’ fancy—and might help guide your decisions on which Utah shower doors are right for you.


We’d be remiss if we didn’t start with the stunning appeal of Utah shower doors made from glass. This material is appealing for several reasons. The right glass door lets in the proper amount of light, can easily be cleaned and makes a powerful statement of luxury. It can also fit the aesthetic that’s right for you and your bathroom interior. The right Utah shower doors also enable you to see through to the accessories you’ve used to make your shower experience a cut above, such as anti-fog mirrors that let you shave in style. (Yes, this is a real thing!)

But let’s talk about doors themselves. One trend in showers is universal design, which means the layout of the shower works well for people of all ages. Doors to a universal-design shower allow safe and immediate access in and out of the shower—you won’t find excess surfaces or trip hazards inside of these. This keeps children safe in the shower just as it protects seniors seeking to mitigate the risk of a fall. Seeking out a sturdy shower door that provides basic functionality without frills is always an option worth choosing.

Matte-black trim

If visual appeal is a priority, consider another trend: Utah shower doors with a matte-black finish around the edges. Few design decisions are bolder than selecting a stunning matte-black border, which contrasts with clean glass and can make your shower stand out as the focal point in your bathroom. Google the phrase “matte black shower door,” and you’ll be treated to numerous examples. Save examples of the photos you like, and the team at Vision Mirror & Shower Door can help you select a stunning design that works best for you from our extensive catalog of options.

European frameless

If you prefer to move away from the matte-black finish and toward a more ethereal option, consider European frameless shower doors. These beautifully designed doors almost seem to float in midair, a look that’s hard for many to resist. The best European frameless doors aren’t pulled straight out of a warehouse. Instead, they are custom designed to fit the look and feel of your space. We recommend tempered glass three-eights of an inch or a half-inch thick. Pair this shower door look with well-made hardware, and your shower will emerge as the talk of the town—and of all of the guests who will ask to stay over just so they can try it.

Ultra-clear glass

Ultra-clear glass is another trend that aligns nicely with European frameless. The beauty in this design choice is that it enables you and your guests to see every fine detail of the full shower, from patterns on your bathroom walls to the fine hardware you use to outfit the space. If you’ve ever stepped into a too-small shower, you know the feelings of claustrophobia. Ultra-clear glass creates space for your design—and you—to breathe and soak in the experience of the shower without feeling trapped.

If the above options don’t appeal to you, you may be in the market for Utah shower doors that are semi-frameless. These doors contain lighter glass (think three-sixteenths of an inch or a quarter-inch thick) that can be clear or can be obscure patterned for an added layer of privacy. Another tried-and-true approach is to go with sliding glass shower doors—you probably have one of these in your home or maybe even grew up with this type of door. Familiarity often breeds comfort, and if sliding doors meet your needs and your bathroom context, they’re an excellent choice that’s equal parts functional and good-looking.

With all of the trends in Utah shower doors, our most important advice is this: research, explore and have fun. There used to be a time when homeowners handed the design keys over to their builder to make the best decision, sight unseen. Today, homeowners and builders have a closer working relationship, and many homeowners tackle interior design projects and do their homework before selecting the products—including shower doors—that meet their needs and style preferences.

At Vision Mirror & Shower Door, our goal is to make you the hero of your home’s shower door journey. Installing an amazing shower door can transform your bathroom into a luxurious and relaxing place that transports you away from the day-to-day grind to a mental space that’s the closest thing we’ve found to a spa vacation.

Have a question or need some help deciding which of these Utah shower doors trends make the most sense for your home? We’re here to help! Contact us at 801-565-8151. We’d love to help you turn your shower door dreams into reality.

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