semi-frameless-newShower glass doors are a trend that’s here to stay. Not only would a shower glass door modernize your home, but it will also improve its overall aesthetics. And like with any trendy product, there are several myths about shower glass doors floating around from people that know little about what they’re discussing.

And maybe these so-called “worry” points are why you haven’t adopted shower glass doors. That’s why we’re going to debunk some of the most common misconceptions about shower glass doors.

#1 Shower glass doors easily explode

You’ve probably heard a variation of this scenario: A homeowner is awoken by a loud bang in the middle of the night. Further inspection reveals that the loud noise came from the shattering of the shower glass door.

Do shower glass doors break? Yes, they do. However, what’s of importance is the frequency of such occurrence. And based on that, shower doors rarely explode. Only a handful of cases are reported yearly. So it’s nothing to worry about.

What’s more, shower glass doors are made from tempered glass. Hence, even in the eventuality that they explode, they shatter into thousands of smaller pieces with blunt edges. This ensures that they do not cause injury like other types of glass might.

#2 The protective glass coating applied on shower doors makes them “maintenance-free”.

Who wouldn’t jump for a maintenance-free product? Only that, in reality, there’s no such thing as maintenance-free.

However, shower glass coatings help to minimize the maintenance required by shower glass. The coating prevents molds, spores, and water from sticking indiscriminately on the glass surface. Hence, a simple wipe will easily clean the glass’s surface.

Asides from wiping the glass down from time to time, periodical squeegeeing are also recommended. This simple maintenance routine will ensure that your shower glass keeps looking “new” for years to come.

#3 Shower glass doors are expensive

As you’d expect, shower glass doors are more expensive than shower curtains. However, shower glass comes in different types, styles, and sizes that ultimately determine the price. You can get framed doors for as low as $500, while frameless ones can go for as low as $900.

The right way to think of spending on a shower glass door is you’re investing – and that’s true! A shower glass door is something simple you can do to significantly improve your home value. Thereby indirectly increasing your property’s resale value.

If you can afford a shower glass door, then go for it. Even if you cannot afford a lump sum, many providers offer flexible payment options you can take advantage of.

#4 Shower glass doors leak

Shower glass doors only leak if they are not designed and installed correctly – and there’s nothing strange about that! But when done properly, they do not leak. And this applies to even frameless shower doors.

That’s why working with a reputable shower door installation company is important. A proper glass shower will also have a buttress, straight walls, and other elements to prevent leakage.

#5 You can add a towel bar after installation

If you’d like to have a towel bar fitted in your shower door, you must keep that in mind while designing your glass door. This is the case because holes need to be drilled in the glass during the manufacturing process to allow for the exact placement of the bar.

Precise placement of the bar ensures usability and accessibility while improving the overall aesthetics of the door. Remember, the required holes cannot be drilled into the glass after installation.

#6 Shower glass all look the same

There’s nothing farther from the truth! Shower glass doors come in a lot of variations. Your shower glass can either be framed or frameless or bi-folded, or curved.

Shower doors can be made from clear glass, which has a slightly greenish tint. Then there’s low-iron shower glass that even adds further clarity than clear glass. Frosted and opaque shower glass doors give a translucent feel. What’s more, shower glass can be tinted (in several colors) or textured.

The only thing most shower glass doors share is they’re made from tempered glass. So they don’t all look the same!

#7 Showerhead position doesn’t matter

When upgrading to a shower glass door, note that the showerhead cannot be placed just anywhere. It has to be positioned for maximum waterproofing.

For a rolling or sliding door, maximum waterproofing is achieved by placing the inner panel by the wall where the showerhead is positioned. For swing doors or door and panel configurations, the hinge is best placed opposite the showerhead.

Your bathroom layout ultimately determines the optimal placement.

If you are located in or around the Salt Lake City area and are in need of glass shower doors or have any questions pertaining to glass shower doors (maintenance, installation, etc.), do not hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you and ultimately working with you on your next bathroom makeover project!

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