??????????????????????????????????????????????????Sure, selling frameless and European shower doors in Salt Lake City makes up the bread and butter of our business. But we also just love all things mirror and glass. There’s a reason why we’re in this business. From the different styles and designs to the latest trends, we eat, sleep, and breathe all things mirror, glass and shower doors. We’re also all about fabulous design. Gorgeous bathroom layouts that celebrate both aesthetic appeal and function are at the core of what we do for our customers.

Today, however, we want to take down a notch from sweeping bathroom layouts and fixtures. We want to focus instead on the humble bathroom mirror. One cannot forget their bathroom mirror. It serves a dual purpose, both as storage and as an accessory. Let’s have a look at what you should look for in your bathroom mirror in Lehi, Utah.

Go See It In Person

Are you trying to figure out what type of bathroom mirror is appropriate for your space? First, scope out your options before actually buying one. You’re going to have to live with this mirror for a long time. Don’t make the decision on impulse.

Before searching for mirrors online, go into a retail store in person. With everything opening back up, it’s easier to get a hands-on feel of different styles. Here at Vision Mirror and Shower Door, we follow all local COVID-19 rules and regulations when it comes to in-person visits. We routinely clean and sanitize our showroom to ensure the safety of clients.

Once you’re in-store and examining your potential mirror, first consider the frame material. Mirrors typically come in wood and metal varieties. Wood tends to be cheaper, but metal lasts longer.

Consider the Bathroom Style and Mirror Size

No matter what, make sure your bathroom mirror complements your bathroom’s style. A big, ornate mirror might look good hanging over your dresser, but it might clash with more modern bathroom styling. Have a closer look at other decorative aspects of your bathroom to help you choose your bathroom mirror styling.

Also, consider the size of your potential bathroom mirror. Standard bathroom mirror size is 30 inches by 36 inches. If you have a small bathroom, consider a larger mirror. An oversized mirror also allows you to have more space for medicine cabinets, lighting, and storage for toiletries.

Other considerations include whether to go with framed or frameless, round or tilted. In the end, as long as you follow the same design ethos as the rest of your bathroom, you’ll have a winning formula.

Be Bold With Your Choices

The bathroom mirror is primarily considered a functional space, but that does not mean you shouldn’t be bold in your choices. Although you don’t spend a lot of recreational time in the bathroom, don’t shrink from standout design choices. Allow for some eye-catching flare that might be distracting or too bold for other rooms. Mirrors can be used as artistic pieces while still serving a function.

Most traditional bathroom mirrors will be cut in large rectangular shapes. In most cases, they’re square and spartan, lacking much design inspiration. Others may come in a round or oval shape, which allows for a more personal, cozy atmosphere in the bathroom. Round mirrors show the person in front of the mirror without much background, which has a focusing effect.

The key to using eye-catching shapes is to make sure they serve an aesthetic purpose while ensuring they remain functional. You don’t want to go so avant-garde that your bathroom mirror does not match other accessories in your bathroom. The best way to accent them and make each accessory pop is through your lighting.

Lighting is the Key to an Elegant Bathroom

Everyone wants to look good. And there’s nothing worse than bad lighting to make someone look bad. Harsh lighting can cast hard lines and change one’s appearance. Suddenly pores on the face look glaringly large. And shadows can cast your light on your face in unnatural ways.

The best way to address a pleasing appearance is through pleasing lighting. Modern bathroom mirrors now come with lighting built directly into the mirror or built behind the glass. The lighting works to perfectly frame your face through neutral daylight or bright, detailed light. Mirrors of this variety are great for everything from applying makeup to functioning as a nightlight.

Also, consider the lighting features you pair with your bathroom mirror. Sconces are now in trend. Wall sconces can be placed between a series of small mirrors on either side of a single mirror. Not only does this serve to light your face, but it looks beautiful and unique. Use sconces with mirrors that are smaller than your vanity. This way the display of mirrors and lights is not wider than the vanity itself.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our deep dive into the bathroom mirror. Are you a homeowner in Salt Lake City or the surrounding areas? We specialize in European shower doors, frameless shower doors, and of course — bathroom mirrors. Contact us at (801) 565-8151for a free consultation on designing and building the bathroom of your dreams.

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