Exclusive modern bathroomIt’s not every day that you can go to the spa. Or is it?

It all might depend on how you turn your home bathroom into a spa setting. There’s one way that you can bring this experience to your residence — European frameless glass shower doors.

Maybe you’ve seen them in luxury hotels — roomy showers that feature large glass panels for doors instead of the standard curtain. Ideal for showers that have amenities such as benches or partial walls, European frameless styles add a touch of elegance to any Utah home.

The details on European doors

When you chose European frameless, what you are getting is a clean look that has a modern feel. It’s also easier to clean since there’s no frame to add some time to the chores.

The shower doors in this style are customized for each home using heavy 3/8” or 1/2” tempered glass. If you want something beyond clear glass, you can also get etching patterns for a more distinctive look. Among the choices: acid etch, rain or Starphire acid etches.

There’s also a feature to help with wear and tear. Diamon-fusion coating can be added for extra protection. Its use means there’s even less cleaning time and you won’t need abrasives to get that sparkling look.

Getting the Euro look goes beyond just the doors, though. It’s also a good idea to customize your hardware to complement it. Accessories in hardware, such as towel bars clips, handles and hooks, can add the perfect accents. We partner with the best vendors in the nation to bring high-quality pieces to you, all within the budget you can afford.

Maybe hotels have the right idea

Style magazines are noticing this trend when it comes to glass doors in hotels. Both Conde Nast Traveler and Forbes’ traveler websites ran stories on the preponderance of European glass doors in luxury or lifestyle hotels.

In the Conde Nast article, Tom Parker, the director of design for the firm Fettle, says that saving space — and utilizing what was there — are major factors in why this design has become more prevalent.

“A lot of it comes down to people trying to design hotel rooms with limited space,” Parker says in the article. “It’s about the swing of the shower door, because it has to open outward for safety reasons, like [if] someone falls in the shower. You have to figure out where the door swing’s going to go, make sure it’s not [hitting] the main door. It’s just about clearances.”

Among the other plusses cited by sources in the story is the feeling of a larger room and the disuse of shower curtains, which frankly can be more sanitary and are definitely harder to clean than a glass door to the shower.

The Forbes article points out that the move toward a more open bathroom design in these hotels had designers looking more toward the European form, instead of what was present before. The willingness to showcase more of the vanity or other features of the bathroom led to the need for glass over the standard curtain.

It can also be designed in a way where a minimal curb can be placed with the glass door. This can help with maximum water retention inside the shower and also gives everything a more “open” look and feel.

What are some pros to the European frameless style? 

The homeowner news site Angi has a great story about frameless shower doors from which we chose several of the advantages they cited in getting this style. They recommend the following:

The style
If what you are seeking is a minimalist look, this would be a great addition. The lack of metal or rubber framing gives everything a distinctive line. It also has the effect of showcasing the inside of your shower, especially if you have those extra amenities discussed earlier.

Angi’s writers agree with us: having these custom-fit doors means you can truly make the look your own. Among the options are sliding or hinged doors, curved doors for corner showers (a great space-saver, too), and narrower sliding tracks or handles to give it a more industrial feel.

Less worry about mold
Have you ever gotten a little shock when you clean the frame underneath the sliding track of a shower door? Yep, that’s mold or mildew growing there. Although it is something that can be cleaned away, it does reappear with that style. It’s atypical, though, for European doors to have that — since there is no metal bar.

Letting in the light
This one seems obvious but in some ways, it’s only apparent when you are in the shower itself. Now you can better find the soap, the conditioner or even see to shave closer. Just one advantage this style has over some others.

If you have questions about how to make your glass shower doors in Salt Lake City more distinctive to you, go to our website for more information.

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