The matte black shower trend: Upscale shower doors with matte black accents

Upscale shower doors with matte black accents

0Are you in the planning stages of a new bathroom renovation? Are you looking for ideas and inspiration from some of the hottest home trends out there? Your search is over. We are here to provide you with information about the looks that are gaining massive traction in the home décor industry right now. Within this article, we will specifically dive deeper into the matte black shower trend with upscale shower doors.

The matte black look is noticeably in high demand right now. It provides an expensive feel that can work with just about any design. Designers are using this color and finish in high-end kitchens and bathrooms all over the country and even on a global scale. However, don’t be dissuaded by the thoughts of a limited budget – this look can still be accomplished without breaking the bank.

Matte black works well with everything from traditional styles to the sharpest modern looks. So, let us take a comprehensive dive into everything you need to know about implementing the matte black trend in your new bathroom…

Accenting glass and upscale shower doors for your bathroom renovation

If you are like most people, then you probably want to have (or keep the existing) glass shower doors with your bathroom renovation. Matte black hardware looks great on upscale shower doors, particularly glass. You can maintain the matte black implementation, down to even the most minute details. Think of a beautiful matte black shower door handle with matte black hinges to match.

The matte black trend does not have to stop at your shower door. You can strategically dress your entire bathroom in a matte black color way. Hardware for your tub faucets, handles, and drains are all readily available as there has been an uptick in people adding black cabinet pulls and faucets to their bathroom sink vanities this year. Another viable option is to have this finish adorn the frame your bathroom mirror.

Your options are truly limitless with this timeless look ready for any home renovation or remodel.

Other integrative techniques to fully utilize the matte black shower trend

Matte black is not just an accent color. More and more, buyers are seeing kitchens and bathrooms with matte black cabinets and accessorizing features paired with matching hardware for a clean and contemporary look. It can also be accented with any other finish you can possibly think of. That is the beauty of remodeling with matte black – everything goes with black. Silver and/or platinum, for example, will provide a clean look of precision that can be used for a new age or even rustic modern appearance.

Are your cabinets already covered in a matte black finish? Top it off with shiny gold hardware for the ultimate “shock and wow”. This combines the perfect mixture of accentuated luminosity with a drastic contrast against a clean matte finish. Polished gold and brass fixtures are making massive waves in the design industry as of late. Almost effortlessly transform a room into a luxurious space by accenting matte black cabinets with gold pulls and faucets.

One of the best aspects of matte black is that it can easily be mixed and matched with other colors and finishes. If you want a light and airy feel with some bold contrast, matte black will work well for hardware and other small decor. If you want an overall dark and dramatic feel, then matte black accents will keep this look rich and luxurious. You could even go all out and have matte black walls in your bathroom. The choice and creative expansion is entirely up to you.

Maintaining the matte black fixtures and accents in your newly renovated bathroom

One concern that some homeowners and renters have with matte black is the potential hard water spots and general damage. Often times this color, especially with this finish, can show visible water spots more than other options. Collective websites recommend cleaning this type of fixture after every use, but realistically speaking, that is not entirely feasible.

One way to help maintain the matte black finish is to use an after-shower spray. These are easy to implement and can typically be employed with the push of a button after each completed shower. These can help to prevent hard water stains on your beautiful bathroom surfaces.

The key takeaways

Accentuating your upscale shower doors with matte black hardware and inflections is an excellent way to make your renovation or new construction project leave behind that classy feeling of timelessness. We realize that taking on a bathroom overhaul is no easy feat, so, if you are currently in the market for a bathroom remodel and are looking for information regarding your glass shower door in Salt Lake City, reach out to us here today!