99358265_MGetting your home ready to list as an AirBNB? Your bathroom shouldn’t be overlooked on your list of things to update. It’s often one of the most utilized areas of the home — requiring ongoing upkeep and a resilient design strategy. Below, we’re talking about how you can incorporate upscale shower doors into this design, as well as the different areas of your bathroom you should consider updating before listing your home as an AirBNB respite.

Read on to learn more about glass shower doors, bathroom design and the “hot spots” in your bathroom you should consider updating.

1. Your walls

Whether you have paint, wallpaper or a mural design, you might want to take a look and assess how your current wall scheme fits into your overall design strategy. Does it need an update? Could it be accented by any sort of add-ons or other elements? Consider perusing sites like Pinterest as you ask these questions for a fresh flow of modern design ideas.

2. Your toilet

Toilets are pretty standard — but recently, they’ve become a statement piece in bathroom design. With a variety of tank designs, flushing styles and formats, the options are near-endless. Be sure to choose from a reliable vendor (such as Kohler or Duravit.)

3. Your plumbing

While plumbing isn’t an aesthetic component of your bathroom, most professional services advise that your pipes should be checked every few years (at a minimum!) Staying on top of upkeep and addressing any minor leaks can save you thousands of dollars and time spent addressing wider-scale, system-wide issues.

4. Your flooring

Carpet, tile, mats or concrete — there’s no wrong way to do a bathroom floor. There are two considerations you should make before installation or updates, though: The ability of your flooring to be cleaned well, and the way it flows with your overall design direction. Some classic options that we’ve been seeing this year include:

  • Black and white checkered tile prints: Hailing back to classic European design influence, we’re seeing a resurgence of classic grayscale bathroom tile options — which are incredibly friendly to cleaning and maintenance.
  • Herringbone wooden patterns: Hand-thrown herringbone flooring done with rustic wood flooring pieces are a simple way to bring farmhouse-chic vibes into your bathroom space. Plus, you can choose to do this with cleaning-friendly options, potentially saving you some time and cost down the line.
  • Vinyl planks: Simple, elegant and refined, this flooring option is resilient to breaks and cracks, and can be cleaned easily. Plus, it comes in a variety of finishes and colors, giving you an effortless option that can fit right in with your current bathroom’s style.

5. Your sink and vanity

The sink and vanity elements of a bathroom are among the easiest to update — if not the entire unit, then the finishings and design elements that tie the look together. After checking the functionality of your finishings and drain system, you can decide if you can make your current situation work with your theme of choice, or if you need to replace the system entirely. Spacious cabinet areas and storage options are becoming a key need for bathrooms in homes for rent and AirBNBs, so keep this in mind when you’re looking for replacement options.

6. Your shower doors

You might replace your shower doors during a bathroom renovation, or if you’re looking for a slight design change on your current bathroom. Frosted privacy glass or streak-resistant glass are great features to look for if you aren’t sure which design style you’re going for yet.

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