Mobile device with man hands taking pictureFor many homeowners, the design features of a dwelling place present the opportunity to express creativity, originality and maybe even a few personality quirks. You’ve probably watched home improvement shows in which proud mortgage holders boast about the unique attributes of their houses. Perhaps the exterior looks like a rocket ship or mushroom. Maybe an interior library door leads to a secret passage. We applaud all homeowners and their wonderfully weird abodes. Yet, if you ask us, upscale shower doors are the fixture that best defines a homeowner’s taste, style and personality.

It wasn’t always that way. For decades, shower doors served purely in a functional capacity. You’ve probably experienced shower doors that are as thin as cardboard, slide noisily along their tracks and barely seal properly to keep water from leaking into your bathroom. That’s to say nothing of their visual appeal (or lack thereof). Some shower doors feature oddly obscured brown glass with bronze trim. Others feature clear glass that easily stains and might as well have been frosted in the first place.

The good news is that if you’re in the market for upscale shower doors in your new or renovated home, you’ve got many fantastic options. What’s more, the boldness of the statements you can make has grown substantially. (Not that you’re in it for bragging rights, but they never hurt, either.) Here are just a few examples illustrating what you can say with the right shower door.

Statement 1: I’m not a celebrity, but I live like one

It’s amazing how upscale shower doors can change your mindset and boost your spirits. A case in point is the European frameless shower door. Perhaps it’s because you can find these at fancy hotels across the pond. Or maybe it’s the subtle touches: heavy 3/8” tempered glass, for example, plus good-looking hardware and an easy-to-clean design.

Celebrities also avoid mass-market duplicates in favor of bathroom features that are one of a kind. If the “live like a celebrity” statement is for you, we recommend putting some thought into the proper size and shape of your upscale shower doors. An expert can help you think through your bathroom space and design a room your guests won’t soon forget.

Statement 2: I live life on the edge

If you count yourself among the world’s great adventurers, a semi-frameless shower door might be more in your wheelhouse. The glass is lighter than the European style, you can choose from clear or patterned glass, and there are many hardware options for tracks. Adherents to this statement might also have a DIY streak, which is why we’ve got a webpage dedicated to design tips so that you and your contractors can ensure your vision is fully realized—and not a flop. For example: To avoid a jam, ensure glass panels align with wall jambs at 90-degree angles. That might sound corny, but we’re serious. We want your edgy approach to stand out for guests in the best possible way.

Statement 3: I’m as smooth as silk

You’ve probably encountered shower doors with more clatter than a railroad crossing. Thankfully, these are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Modern sliding glass shower doors are the ultimate in upscale shower doors. You can select from framed or frameless. Popular finishes include chrome, brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze. There’s no need to skimp when it comes to designing a standout sliding shower door. Your guests will be mesmerized by the elegance of its back-and-forth movement, its stunning crystal-clear glass and its ability to fit into your design budget while looking like a million bucks.

Statement 4: My shower-door chic extends to everything I touch

A great shower door won’t truly stand out unless the surrounding environment reflects its stunning beauty. That’s why we advise homeowners who want to make a statement to consider additional specialty glass treatments to really make upscale shower doors pop. Capture your guests’ imagination with a powder room mirror. Add a glass wall or partition. You can also consider adding glass touches beyond the bathroom for a reflective look they’re sure to remember. For example, you could install an easy-to-clean glass backsplash in the kitchen plus crystal-clear shelves for books in the family room. The versatility of glass means the opportunities to illustrate your design acumen—and even more importantly, your desire for guests to feel pampered when they visit—are limitless.

Statement 5: My hardware is hardwired for elegance

Hardware choices in a bathroom illustrate the homeowner’s attention to detail. It’s easy to get upscale shower doors and their surroundings 90% of the way there, only to rush across the finish line with little attention to the finer points. We know you’re not that person. In fact, we’re guessing you want to ensure every element speaks to the deep care you have for aesthetic beauty. The experience of people who encounter your stunning bathroom should be one they won’t soon forget.

To ensure your bathroom earns high marks, focus on hardware, which is the jewelry of the room. Select knobs, hinges and towel bars that complement the upscale shower doors you worked so hard to design. Work with best-in-class vendors whose products will stand the tests of wear, tear and time. Pair the finest metal with the glass you’ve chosen for an effect that’s unlike any other.

If you are searching for glass shower doors in Salt Lake City, turn to the experts at Vision Mirror & Shower Door. There’s nothing we like better than helping you make a statement, on time and on budget. Explore our website to learn more or give us a call at 801-565-8151 to get started. Be bold and say it like you mean it with upscale shower doors.

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