Upscale Shower Doors: A Buyer’s Guide

Upscale Shower Door

Your shower and bathing areas are a main focal point of your bathroom. Ideally, you want a beautiful and luxurious space to start (or end) your day. Having an unsightly shower area can really put a damper on the ability to pamper yourself. However, upgrading to upscale shower doors can change the look and feel of your bathroom as a whole.

If you’re looking for advice on selecting, installing and maintaining upscale shower doors, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for all the info you need to update your shower doors within your budget and get the beautiful look you want…

Choosing Shower Doors

Bathroom renovations can be quite overwhelming nowadays. There are a multitude of options and suppliers for upscale shower doors making it tough to know where to even start. Here are a few tips to make the process just a bit easier.

Find Your Opening Type – Shower doors come in varying sizes and types. The first thing you should do is determine the opening type for your shower door. Inline shower doors are wide and can be sliding or swinging. Return doors (for small shower stalls) are smaller and usually have swinging doors. Some bathrooms have corner showers, which require their own unique door configuration. Don’t forget to measure the door area to be absolutely sure when shopping.


Choose Door Style – There are several styles of upscale shower doors. You can choose from swinging, sliding, rolling and even flat panels for a walk-in shower with a sleek and modern look.


Select Glass Type or Another Finish – Here comes the fun part. There are so many different types of glass these days – colored glass, frosted glass, rain glass, and more. You can even find ones with shower door art etched into the glass. Alternative finishes are becoming very popular, too. Be creative and choose what speaks to your soul.

Select Your Shower Door Frame Type or Go Frame-less – Shower door frames come with many options. You can select modern or traditional frames, partial frames or even no frame at all.

Select Your Finish and Hardware – This is where you really top off the look of your upscale shower doors. Silver gives a classic look that goes with any style. Gold hardware is coming back in style and will provide an ultra-luxurious look for your shower doors. Matte black is another popular option these days for modern bathrooms.

Installing Upscale Shower Doors

Some homeowners may choose to go for a DIY shower door installation, while others would like to trust the pros. Glass shower doors can be tough to move and handle – not to mention, they are very breakable. Doors that aren’t properly sealed can lead to leaks and other nightmares in the future. If you have any hesitations on doing this job yourself, then it’s probably best left to the pros.

There are a few other things to consider with installation. Make sure you have an idea for a project timeline. Is this your only bathroom/shower area? How will you bathe while the project is going on? Are you doing more than just installing upscale shower doors? Make sure you have a clear cut plan.

Upscale Shower Door Maintenance

Maintaining your upscale shower doors is important. You’ll want to keep them clean and free of smudges and hard water spots. It’s also important to make sure that mildew and mold don’t start to build up in your shower.

There are some great products you can use after each shower to keep these issues at bay between cleanings. You simply spray down your shower doors and walls after each shower (no wiping required). Some prefer to use squeegees, but the daily sprays seem to be a favorite of homeowners.

A great cleaning tip that has been passed down by families over generations is to use vinegar for glass shower doors. Vinegar is powerful at breaking down hard water stains and the mineral buildup from water sitting on glass surfaces.

Cleaning shower doors with baking soda is another effective way to remove those really tough stains. Whatever method you choose, please remember to keep a clean shower. Having a dirty shower can actually be hazardous to your health and can lead to a variety of issues, especially with your lungs. Clean showers are healthy showers.

The Takeaway

Hopefully this overview of finding, buying and installing upscale shower doors has helped you to get ideas for your next home renovation project. Nice shower doors can come in a variety of looks and with some beautiful finishes.

If you take the time to research and learn how to shop smart, then you can get the luxurious shower doors you’re looking for without a major headache. And if you really want to finish off the look, check out some of our toilet partitions, doors and other glass paneling for your bathroom renovation. Our pros will help to make sure you get the most perfect upscale shower doors (and bathroom) in Salt Lake City.