46487567_MThe materials that make up a home all combine into a wonderful puzzle piece that designers and builders get to put together for their homeowner clients. Whether it’s mirrors in certain areas or the glass that is used for shower doors, the types of glass that are chosen for Salt Lake City home building projects are crucial to give the right impressions to guests and visitors that are in a home.

Among the types of glass to consider as several mentioned by the esteemed Architectural Digest site, which talks about them in some detail. Here are a few of the options to consider:

Clear glass
Most of the glass that’s in use is clear glass, and it’s best used as a way to distribute light sources.

Tinted glass
This can be used for accenting throughout, as well as in ensuring that sunlight is less intense in certain areas of the home. Popular colors include blue, bronze and grey.

Textured glass

Patterns can be embossed on clear glass for this option, and it is commonly used in bathroom glass.

Beveled glass
You likely see this type of glass on paneled cabinets and doors. A slanted cut along the sides gives this a look like a frame, and the process also creates a rainbow effect if it comes into contact with light.

Lacquered glass

This is often used to give a whimsical tone to an accent, such as a backsplash in the kitchen or as paneling for walls.

Frosted glass

Glass can also be sandblasted or etched with acid to look like it’s permanently winter. It’s also a key glass for privacy, so use in the bathroom is common.

More uses for glass

There are many places in the home environment where glass can be used as focal points or accents. Its inherent beauty and versatility mean that it’s a great material to be used in a variety of different contexts.

We’ve seen glass used in places that are common, such as kitchen backsplashes, which are also easier to clean than ones made from other materials. Shelving is one feature when the most durable glass can be used.

Tabletops and desktops made of glass can be a distinctive accent to the home office or living room. And of course, some mirrors can be created from glass that can be used all around the home.

When thinking about glass usage, one area that can give a truly modern touch is in conjunction with stair handrails. It also provides an extra safety boost as well as a feeling of sophistication and elegance. Glass partitions and walls can also be used in the office as well as the home — it’s all up to the designer and their vision to make something come to life.

The kitchen is also ideal for any type of glass usage. How about a table or island topper, especially one where ease of cleaning is a bonus feature. We’ve also built basement bars and wine cellars with glass materials, which can make for a great conversation starter when entertaining guests.

Glass as a major feature in the bathroom

Of course, it’s the bathroom where glass can be more commonly used. Some bathrooms are practically glass-majority, as it is such a versatile material it can be used in a variety of contexts.

Shower curtains get banished immediately once people are presented with the concept of a glass shower door. They also come in different styles, depending on taste as well as practicality. You can install a glass shower door either with or without a frame. Finishes such as chrome or oil-rubbed bronze can also lend an aesthetic touch.

There’s another option builders and homeowners have that can not only bring a sense of style but also help with wear and tear. Diamon-Fusion coating cuts cleaning time in half and also removes the need to use abrasive chemicals to clean your doors.

Diamon-Fusion also protects against some of the concerns that tend to age glass quickly, such as mineral leaching, hard water stains and soap scum. The invisible barrier that is part of the Diamon-Fusion process protects from these and other environmental pollutants.

Working with builders to beautify homes

When it’s time to bring together the mirror and glass materials into a home project you are doing for a client in Salt Lake City, we can help you find what’s best for your projects. Our installation and design experts can consult with you directly to make sure your design is up-to-date in style and can offer a distinctive look and feel for your clients. We’re happy to give a personal consultation on what will work with your parameters.

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