Valuable insights to maintaining a clean glass shower door

maintaining a clean glass shower door

Do you want to add stimulating fixtures to improve the elegance of your bathroom? Consider installing upscale shower doors.

Installation is just step one. Keep them clean to maintain aesthetic longevity.

When a shower is left unclean, mineral deposits can accumulate due to exposure to moisture. If the shower doors look foggy, that is an initial indication that they need to be cleaned.

Some medical experts have found that dirty showers could even result in lung infections. If you would want to avoid strong odor from some commercial cleaning agents, you can make your own detergents at home. Homemade cleaners will also help you to reduce the cost of cleaning your shower doors. Most of the ingredients needed for making DIY cleaners are readily available in your home. If there are sticky areas on your glass shower doors, consider using a scraper when removing them. Once surface cleaning is complete, take some preventive measures to ensure that you will not have a hard time cleaning the door the next time.

For example, mold will not be formed on your shower doors if the environment is not damp. Experts recommend homeowners to squeegee their shower doors after every shower. Remind all the users of the shower to do this. The average cost of a squeegee is $5, and will make cleaning much easier by preventing the accumulation of deposits on the shower door. Leaving the shower door open will also help speed up the drying process.

Different types of deposits accumulate on the corners of glass shower doors over time. One of the easiest ways to clean the corners of glass shower doors is by using cotton swabs. Cotton swabs are small, efficient and easy to handle. Some other highly effective products used for cleaning include sponges and foam cleansing pads.

As previously mentioned, to make your work easier, clean the doors after showering as the mineral deposits will have loosened up. Another advantage of washing your doors post shower, is that you will not have to worry about getting wet.

Products for cleaning glass shower doors

Vinegar: There is a wide range of products that can be used to remove different types of deposits that accumulate on glass shower doors. However, not all are ideal for removing mold. When you use distilled white vinegar, mold and mildew will be removed from the glass shower doors. Apply distilled white vinegar on a rag and wipe down the door and frames to get rid of any mold that may be present. White vinegar is also an ideal cleaning agent for removing scum on your shower doors. Apply some water on the glass if dry before cleaning using a squeegee. The next step involves applying distilled white vinegar on the glass and other parts of the door using a spray bottle. Use clean water to remove all deposits before the glass stains.

Squeegees: There are several types of squeegees in the market today. Squeegees with replaceable silicon blades are considered as one of the most effective glass shower cleaning tools. The comfort of a cleaning tool is crucial. Ensure that you buy a squeegee that feels comfortable in your hands. A firm squeegee will also help to protect the glass doors in the long run. This makes your work quick and easy.

Most homeowners use towels to dry the water on their glass shower doors. Using a squeegee makes the cleaning exercise more streamlined and time efficient. One of the main advantages of using a squeegee is that it does not get saturated when drying the glass doors. It is also more effective as compared to the typical towels that are most commonly used by homeowners as the chances of soap scum formation and accumulation of deposits are low. A squeegee is more effective when it comes to the water that is left on your shower doors and frames. When you finish using the squeegee, spray the glass door with a cleaning detergent and wait for it to dry. This will reduce the frequency and urgency of cleaning your shower door.

Unlike some of the tools used by many homeowners to clean glass shower doors, a squeegee requires little to low maintenance. They are easy to store and they come with a holder that can be hung on shower doors. Squeegees are also easy to clean. Once you have finished the cleaning process, cleaning the squeegee only involves passively rinsing using clean water.

Baking Soda: Make a mixture of baking soda and water to make a cleaning solution for your glass shower doors. Apply the cleaning agent on a sponge or cleaning cloth. If there are tough stains on your shower doors, apply firm pressure to ensure all debris is removed from the surface.

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