Upgrade your Utah home with new upscale shower doors

new upscale shower doors

1Luxury shower doors are increasingly popular in Utah, where they not only provide covering to the bath area, but to also add more elegance to the home. Most of these appliances are made from frosted glass, which is easy to clean, provides privacy and is durable enough not to be affected by mineral deposits and excess humidity often experienced in the zone.

There are also unlimited upscale shower door designs that you can choose from, such as pivot, semi-frameless and framed doors among others.

Recommended products to use: As a builder contracted to work on a bathroom renovation project, there are various products you can use for the shower door, each with its own unique qualities. Some of these include the following:

a) Aluminium sliding doors. These are usually sold as 6mm, 8mm and 10mm support frames for tempered glass door panels. This material is lightweight, rust-resistant and durable enough to last for several years with very little maintenance required from the owner. Furthermore, builders working within a magnetic or electronically charged setting, due to the presence of other bathroom accessories like magnetic soap/toothbrush holders or electric shower, will find aluminum to be a much safer material to work with, since it is non-conductive and does not react to such elements that may otherwise cause injury during installation.

b) PVC. Also known as polyvinyl chloride, this material is a toughened form of plastic that can be molded into a shower door for the builder to use. One of the advantages of this product is that it is very malleable, meaning it can be shaped into elaborate and custom door designs which may not be easily found in the market. Sometimes, clients may want their shower doors to resemble certain items that they value, such as a flower or fruit silhouette, this can only be achieved by using a malleable product like PVC which is much easier for builders to custom design, as compared to metal that is more rigid in structure.

c) Wood. When properly treated and coated with a layer of varnish to prevent rotting, wood can make an ideal alternative to traditional glass as a shower door product since it adds a natural feel to the bathroom area. It is typically installed as a sliding door that opens by pushing the handle sideways, plus it can be painted in any shade to match with the bathroom’s ambiance and decor.

Tips for taking care of your shower doors

Homeowners need to properly maintain their shower doors so that they can last for a long time. Here are some key points to consider:

a) Invest in a squeegee. This tool is useful in rubbing off hard water stains and soap foam from the door’s surface. It consists of a flat, smooth latex blade that’s applied for controlling water-flow on the glass shower door surface for a neat and even scrubbing. Moreover, some squeegees are fitted with a complimentary sponge that is typically used to soak-up foam from the water bucket for application on the door for cleaning purposes.

b) Spread some treatment regularly to prevent rusting or rotting. In order to keep the structure looking new, you should regularly apply varnish especially around the corners and other hidden parts, where rust may begin to develop or mold considering that the bathroom area often experiences a lot of moisture. It is only through applying varnish treatment on certain exposed parts of your door that you can prevent it from getting damaged.

c) Use home-based cleaning ingredients. Sometimes, commercial cleaning agents may contain abrasive chemicals that may damage the shower door’s surface by causing scratching, peeling or fading. Therefore, it is always recommended to use organic ingredients instead, such as lemon-oil, vinegar or sodium-bicarbonate which are everyday household substances. These natural ingredients are less corrosive to the door and will not cause any damage, even with continuous use.

d) If your shower door is supported by rollers, consider spraying some dry silicone lubricant on top occasionally so that they can continue running smoothly. The oil shall prevent friction, which may otherwise result from constantly using the shower doors, considering that the bathroom is one of the most used places in the home by family members.

Emerging trends to consider

Over the recent few years, there have been new trends coming up in the Utah shower doors industry that homeowners are already trying. One of them is the use of matte-black finish, which can be applied onto the frame or lightly coated on the glass surface itself. Alternatively, you may use satin-brass or gold brushing for the frames to give your door a classy, beautiful finish that will make a regal statement for anyone who visits your shower area.

Most Utah homes have elegant shower doors which are made from various products such as wood, PVC, aluminum and glass. These materials can add beauty to your bathing quarters, and are also practical in protecting the shower area in general.